Our submit to the Bored Pixels Jam 3 with the theme "Gameboy". The team:

  • Meeka (Artist)
  • Antonius (Artist/Environment)
  • megamika (Programmer)
  • MarkusAtPlaying (Programmer)
  • Vickim (Sound)
  • Asderrde (Sound)

Thanks a lot to this awesome team!

The game jam: https://itch.io/jam/bored-pixels-jam-3


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I like the mix between bomber man and platformer elements. However I do have a few issues. For starters I was really confused why I started on Level 1-6, then I went to Level 3-6, and the Level 2-6? Speaking of levels, the difficulty and design is all over the place for them. 1-6 felt like a basic tutorial level, 3-6 was a nice mix of platforming and using the bombs, and 2-6 was just a hallway where you blow up a few boxes. Secondly, why does the bomb counter go from B-B-Backwards D-0? Furthermore, the toll man in 3-6 requires 3 coins, I for some reason had 7 when starting the game but he would only accept ones from the stage. Finally the controls are really awkward (the jump and bomb key are right next to each other), I'd recommend changing these controls to space and z. 

Thanks for you reply and you have absolute right! Many bugs and other stuff :) But we did it as one week jam project. We don't want to update is anymore


Just like a Bomberman platformer.